DME is proud to announce the debut of The Daily Gentrifier. Designed, Edited and Published by Dushko Petrovich, formerly of Adjunct Commuter Weekly, this crafty hyper-local publication promises to give gentrifiers “the refined fine print” about the goings on in their up-and-coming neighborhoods, with one side focusing on New York, and the other on Los Angeles.

As Petrovich asks his readers, in From the Editor, “Do you sometimes feel an unease about your role in the real-estate system? Do you feel this sense of unease is everywhere muffled by an ostentatious ethic of local produce, sustainable design, and hand-crafted everything? It’s weird, right?” It is weird, right?

The two-sided broadsheet measures 22”x30” and was completely hand-drawn before being digitally scanned and letterpress printed on double-thick 160 lb. Mohawk Superfine Soft White Eggshell Cover paper by Rohner Press in Chicago. Printed in an edition of 250, The Daily Gentrifier will initially be available at cost ($40), but the price will go up $10 per month, starting October 1st, 2017.  The price as of October 2018 is $160.

Purchase inquiries may be directed to:

Featured in the East Coast Edition:

  • Christopher Glazek wonders if “aritisinal” is just a crafty term for white laziness.

  • Ayanah Moor questions the label “gentrifier” as it applies to a queer black woman.

  • Alexander Dwinell reports on ICE raids and worker resistance at Tom Cat Bakery in Long Island City.

  • William Powhida reports on Artist Studio Affordablity Project’s long-term advocacy for the Small Business Jobs Survival Act, as spearheaded by Jenny Dubnau.

  • Aruna D’Souza reviews Hilton Als’s “Alice Neel, Uptown” at David Zwirner.

  • Justin Leiberman interviews Aaron Gemmill about his project #condoreport.

  • Dushko Petrovich profiles the artist Torkwase Dyson’s real-estate journey to Jersey.


Featured in the West Coast Edition:

  • Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal reports on the situation in Mariachi Square in Boyle heights, which may soon have no mariachis.

  • K-Sue Park excavates and exposes the settler roots of hipster fashion.

  • Nizan Shaked explains why culture workers should scab on communities resisting gentrification.

  • Social Practice Mafia memes about non-profit spaces.

  • Farrah Karapetian reports on the various proposals for a border wall with Mexico.